You have a great team, only thing I could suggest is to keep up the good work. I’d highly recommend your studio to anyone looking for a place to do high quality recording and feel comfortable while doing so. -Robert Herzog

“This place changed my life!” –Keryn Waltzer

I have been in and out of studios to find that right person to work with and I almost give up looking until I ran into Mr. Jesse Wright! I feel like I have hit a jackpot! It felt like I have know Jesse is one of the most gifted and talented person that I have had the pleasure and honor working with. He is an individual with the great talent and personality and most importantly man of integrity with  great job ethics.  Which we all know it is not easy to come by in this industry. Today I walked in to his office and sang to him a piece of melody that I have come up with and two hours later he had a complete arrangement done on it. I know for sure what he was able  accomplished in two hours would have taken other studios days or even weeks to do.  God bless The Wright Family and make sure to keep on spreading that amazing gift of yours. -Dary Jahromi
Thank you Jesse Wright, for an outstanding  Free Style Google  Stephan Peters on Ravel -Echo L. Casale
“Wow, all I can say is thank you for all the help and supprot” -Rob Knowels 
“This is my home, I love the Wrights for bringing the music industry to OC” -Cirious/ Deelux
“Truly the most professional recording facility I have ever been in” -Helen Tabbs
“This is the meca I have been hearing so much about, now after recording here I know why. California Sound Studios is great at what they do” -Brian Smoother
“My experience at California Sound Studios working with Jesse Wright has exceeded my expectations in every way. Nathan and the entire staff are true professionals that take their work very seriously, I plan on using CA sound studios for all of my recording needs.” – Jesse Mills

“I just wanted to extend a personal thank you for letting us use the studio  – and your generosity.  Jesse Wright did a fabulous job, which is no easy task!  His easy going nature and quick smile made everyone feel very comfortable and he was fast, professional and obviously highly skilled – so we were honored to have him.” – Casey Stark


“I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone looking to get their feet wet in the music industry. Thanks Again California Sound Studios!”-John Slanker

“I can’t think of a better place to go. Thank you for everything you have taught me!” – Adam Mac Donald 

“Simply Awesome, I wish I would have taken this class years ago. It would have helped me bypass the problems and expedite my music straight to success” Mark Wayne




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