Welcome to California Sound Studios!

We are a full service audio and video recording studio in Orange County. We also offer guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons and vocal lessons. All classes are taught by our highly trained industry professionals who graduated from Music Conservator or Juilliard Performing Arts. They are screened and must pass extensive background checks before working with students.

Developing Music Professionals One Student at a Time

California Sound Studios works with kids and adults of all ages and skill levels. With innovative audio and sound equipment, the latest recording and mixing software and the best brands in musical instruments, our studio is the perfect place to develop a passion for music and progress in your skills and abilities. Being exposed to top talent encourages our students to hold the bar high and deepen their talents.

Many of our students go on to play in bands or in front of crowds. With our private rehearsal room and professional recording studio, students can continue their journey with us. We also offer musical engineering lessons for those who want to enter the production side of music. Some of our students have gone on to land lucrative careers being a sound engineer – and it all started with a simple lesson at California Sound Studios.

Services Offered at California Sound Studios

The services offered at our studio are:

  • Drum lessons. Learn how to play the drums and progress onto more complex songs. Our lessons focus on learning rudiments, fills, beats and more.
  • Guitar lessons. Develop a solid foundation for playing the guitar, including the best picking technique, the major scale, the pentatonic scale and the minor pentatonic scale.
  • Piano lessons. Get comfortable playing your favorite songs on the piano. Learn piano scales, piano modes and how to maintain proper rhythm.
  • Vocal lessons. Work with our experienced vocalists to improve pitch, develop timbre and keep a steady tempo. Our vocalists help students unlock their singing voices.
  • Music engineering lessons. For those who want to get into music production, our audio engineering lessons are an excellent learning opportunity. Using the latest software, learn how to mix, edit and remix music.
  • Rehearsal studio. Need somewhere private to rehearse? Whether on your own or with the band, our rehearsal studio is available to rent at all hours of the day. Enjoy branded instruments, a professional sound system and professional lighting.
  • Recording studio. Ready to record your masterpiece? Our recording studio has the latest audio and sound recording equipment that is perfect for auditions, band performances, video shoots and more.

Cultivate Your Passion for Music

California Sound Studios has something for everyone, whether you are at the beginning of your musical journey or looking to expand your repertoire. All instructors are talented and highly qualified, and all lessons are held in our professional recording studio. Come and see for yourself what California Sound Studios has to offer. Music is what keeps us going – can it do the same for you?

Music Production School Orange County

California Sound Studios Established in 2004 has continuously provided a World Class music production school in Orange County to Our Clients. We specialize in Audio & Video Production, Audio Recording Educational Courses & Instrument/Vocal Lessons. Call our music studios in Orange County for a Free Consultation 1-949-855-0211.

Music Schools in Orange County

California Sound Studios has built a solid reputation for Top Quality Multi-Media Audio & Video Recording and Post Production for a range of areas, from corporate projects such as Voice Over’s, Audio Books and Jingles to Musicians and Artists of All Genres Music. While working with us, you’re guaranteed the most modern equipment and software along with a professional staff that is proficient with today’s innovative techniques.

Music Studios in Orange County

At California Sound Studios we provide separate ISO rooms for each instrument. You will have options to use Drum Booth – Piano Room – Guitar Room – Vocal Room all with sound separation. Get Professional Sound recording for your band and capture the energy of playing live together!


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