California Sound Studios proudly offers an 8-Week Course (4 hours per week 1-on-1 Training along with 8 hours per week Assisting on Real Working Sessions) learn how to record at a professional level and make a career in the music industry.

We provide Training Courses with Protools Ultimate, Logic ProX and Abelton-10 Audio Software. The course is specifically designed for you, as we will customize our curriculum for your level of experience and recording career goals. You will learn not only the recording process but how to make a hit song and how to protect your intellectual property in order to be successful in today’s music industry. This fast paced, very hands on course will give you the experience needed to produce top quality music while getting the recognition you deserve. The following is the curriculum sequence our trainers use to help get your career to the next level. Our goal is for each student to be able to work along side the leading industry professionals and start effectively producing tomorrows top Artists.

After you have completed this 8 Week Training Course, you will understand the true process of “ARTIST DEVELOPMENT”. This course will give you the step by step game plan of creating and selling music!!! The Industry moves very quickly, understanding the legalities of intellectual property and how to create music competitively will help you establish a solid foundation to get paid for the services you provide. A skillful Music Industry Professional is highly pursued and valued in today’s market. Doors open wide for those who master this craft. This no-nonsense course will give you the tools and confidence needed to achieve greatness in the fields of the Entertainment Industry.

For those who want to get into the recording side of the music industry, it all starts with music engineering lessons. California Sound Studios offers audio engineering lessons that give students a hands-on opportunity to mix, edit and remix music. 

Our courses are beneficial for students who are interested in music production and enjoy making their own music. All lessons are taught by highly qualified instructors who are background checked and graduates of Juilliard Performing Arts or Music Conservator. The quality of our instructors and access to innovative sound equipment put students in the fast lane to success.

  • How is a Music Engineer Different from a Music Producer?
  • Learn from Highly Trained Industry Experts
  • Positive, Motivating Environment