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10’X10’ Room, Live Board Yamaha TF3, 3 Shure Mics & Mic Stands, 6 Speaker JBL Live Sound System

Rehearsal Space Description

One of the most challenging aspects of singing or playing an instrument is that someone is always around the corner. It’s important to have creative freedom when trying new techniques, and it’s hard to do this when you don’t want to disturb family or neighbors. All music performers need a place to practice sometimes.

Music Instructor

California Sound Studios has a rehearsal room that is perfect for this purpose. In fact, we have separate isolation rooms for each instrument. This allows our students to play individually or with their band without having noise interference. Clients also have access to the latest software and equipment when using us for their practice space.

Benefits of Renting a Rehearsal Space

Practicing in our rehearsal studio is a great experience because it allows you to focus on your strengths without distraction. While individuals do use our rehearsal rooms, they are most popular for bands and performers who plan on signing or playing instruments in front of a crowd. With our PA system and professional lighting, clients can imagine themselves performing in front of their audiences.

Recording Studio

California Sound Studios does bookings by the hour, keeping times flexible for all clients. With our nearly “always open” hours, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a time that works for you or your band. Or, book in advance and reserve specific dates and times for the band to practice.

Why Rehearse at California Sound Studios

California Sound Studios offers rehearsal rooms with a variety of professional equipment and rental options, including a Fender Bass or Fender Guitar. We are happy to accommodate the entire band. Pricing is also straightforward, starting at just $25.00 an hour (2 hour minimum).

Music School

Included with our rehearsal room are the following:

  • 20×20 space for up to 8 band members
  • Professional sound system
  • Vivid lighting effects
  • Mics and mic stands
  • Full climate control
  • Accessible 24/7 if needed
  • Affordable rates

Need an affordable, clean and fully equipped room to rehearse in? Contact California Sound Studios to book your rehearsals on a one-time or regular basis. Let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to accommodate you and the band.

Additions Available

Pearl Rock Drum Set

Drum Kit

Fender Guitar

Fender Guitar

Fender Bass

Fender Bass

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