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Our instructors have graduated from Music Conservator or Julliard Performing Arts.

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Piano Lessons


California Sound Studios offers fun, productive piano lessons in Irvine for kids and adults of all skill levels. Our Orange County Piano lessons are taught in a professional recording studio and led by qualified instructors who have graduated from Music Conservator or Juilliard Performing Arts.


When you step foot into our studio, you’ll quickly see that there are no limits to being a great piano player. Once you believe in yourself and the energy you bring to the table, you can take your piano playing skills to the next level.

Irvine Piano Lessons for Beginners

Piano is an excellent starter instrument, which is why many children begin their love for music at the piano. However, a negative experience can turn a child off from music for good, so it’s important to take your time choosing the right studio and the right instructor.

Yamaha Piano

Kids as young as preschool can start learning piano keys, so if your child has shown an interest in playing the keyboard or piano, they can start as soon as you’re ready. Beginner piano lessons focus on scales, basic exercises and simple tunes. As students progress, they grow more comfortable with the piano keys, musical symbols and notes and various rhythms.

The piano is a large instrument, but it’s graceful and elegant. No other instrument offers the range of possibilities that a piano does. With endless freedom and flexibility, many piano players continue to receive lessons long after they’ve mastered their goals. There is always something new to learn and perfect.

Orange County Piano Lessons for Intermediates and Advanced

Some students want to do more than play the piano for fun. Some have dreams of being in a band or playing at shows and concerts. If this is the case for you, taking part in intermediate or advanced lessons will allow you to further advance your skills. Learn how to play more complicated songs, study the seven piano modes, practice scale sequencing and more.

All lessons are held in our professional recording studio with a Schafer & Sons Baby Grand Piano. We also have several keyboards and an organ.

Highly Qualified Piano Lessons Instructors

Piano NotesAt California Sound Studios, we feel that the instructor can make all the difference in how a student learns and progresses. People have different “piano personalities” that include their preferred rhythm and genre. Usually, students discover their personality once they master the notes and keys. They can then decide what type of music they prefer playing.

Be matched to the right instructor so that your particular style of piano playing can be further enhanced. All instructors are patient and upbeat. Though they have various skills and backgrounds, they all bring a positive tone to our lessons. All are qualified and have graduated from top schools like Juilliard Performing Arts or Music Conservator.

You can never be too old or too young to play the piano. The instructors at California Sound Studios work with all ages and skill levels, so contact us today to sign up for our piano lessons in Irvine & Orange County, CA. With access to top talent, practice in a professional recording studio and state-of-the-art technology and software, California Sound Studios will put you ahead of the game.

Additional Information

Instrument: Keyboard, Piano, Organ
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
Genre: Rock, Heavy Rock, Contemporary, Pop, Country, Blue Grass, Jazz, R&B

Vocal Lessons


Strengthening your vocal performances is possible with the right vocal lessons. At California Sound Studios, all singing lessons are taught by our qualified instructors who have graduated from prestigious schools like Juilliard Performing Arts or Music Conservator. They work with young singers and aspiring vocalists to develop a consistent and powerful voice that will impress the toughest critics.

How Singing Lessons Can Improve Your Vocal Ability

California Sound Studios has experience working with all types of singers. Some students have been told that they have the “voice of an angel.” Others feel that they need to unlock their voice. No matter which end of the spectrum you are on, our qualified and patient instructors are able to make magic happen with those who are willing to work at it.

Vocal lessons can help with the following:

  • Improve posture. To ensure that the vocal cords are not obstructed, beginner singing lessons focus on correct posture. Our vocal instructors will support proper posture until it becomes habit.
  • Expand vocal range. Until taking vocal lessons, many aspiring singers are unsure of their vocal range. With guided practice, it’s possible to expand your range one note at a time.
  • Practice breathing techniques. Proper breathing techniques are extremely important when singing and can prevent the voice from tiring out. Learn proper breath support and achieve a more consistent and powerful voice.
  • Improve vocal pitch. A singer who is out-of-tune will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Working with experienced vocal coaches allows singers to develop a strong and attractive voice.
  • Maintain steady tempo. Beginning vocalists often struggle with holding the tempo steady, something that our vocal coaches address. This often comes down to a few quick fixes, such as singing in a suitable range and adjusting volume.
  • Develop timbre. More advanced singers can work on developing their timbre. With additional vocal training, singers learn to change their timbre and give songs a new flavor.

Professional Vocal Lessons for All Ages and Skill Levels

All singing lessons are held in our professional recording studio that features top-of-the-line music equipment, including over a dozen microphones by brands like Sony, Avantone, Neumann, Shure and Sennheiser. With a professional sound system and lighting effects, our recording studio sets the stage for aspiring vocalists who want to sing in front of crowds one day.

There is a deep-rooted myth that only those with talent can sing. We can say for a fact that this is not true. In many cases, it’s just the voice that is out of tune, and making a few adjustments can change this. Discover your potential by calling California Sound Studios today.

Additional Information

Instrument: Vocals
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
Genre: Rock, Heavy Rock, Contemporary, Pop, Country, Blue Grass, Jazz, R&B

Drum Lessons

Drum Kit

Additional Information

Instrument: Drums
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
Genre: Rock, Heavy Rock, Contemporary, Pop, Country, Blue Grass, Jazz, R&B

Guitar Lessons


At California Sound Studios, we provide guitar lessons in Orange County to individuals of all ages and skill levels. All guitar lessons are held in our professional recording studio that carries the latest equipment and software. In fact, California Sound Studios offers separate sound-isolation rooms for each instrument. Get an uninterrupted experience of your guitar skills and the energy you can bring to a performance.

Orange County Guitar Lessons for Young Talent

Even though people can start guitar lessons at any age, there are unique benefits for those who begin their journey in elementary school. Orange County Guitar lessons can help children develop their fine motor skills, refine patience and diligence and boost self-esteem. Many parents report that their children also perform better in school when music is a part of their life.

Music Instructor

One of the aspects that our young guitar players value most is that music is both individual and social. The journey starts with picking up your first guitar and learning how to play a full song. As children advance their skills and confidence, they can play in bands, shows and competitions and feel like a valued member of a group.

All young students have access to the latest technology and a highly qualified group of instructors. All music instructors have graduated from Music Conservator or Juilliard Performing Arts. They build foundational music theory into each of their lessons, not to consume students with the details, but to prepare them for performing in a band and perhaps getting their own record label one day.

Orange County Guitar Lessons for Adults

It’s never too late to start practicing the guitar. Some people are convinced that it’s harder to learn a musical instrument once they are past childhood, but this isn’t true. In fact, learning how to play the guitar can be an effective way to enrich your life, boost creativity and sharpen concentration skills. As adults, we could all use more of this!

Guitar Lesson

All students are exposed to the most innovative technology and receive lessons in our professional recording studio. We use popular blues, country and rock songs to teach adults the basic techniques of guitar playing. And, when we say “songs,” we mean it! Our students learn how to play 100% of every song, not just some of it.

Advanced Guitar Lessons Orange County

As our students advance their skills and experience, we have more challenging programs to push the limits. Our instructors teach more difficult techniques, like barre chords and soloing, while also preparing students to play in concerts, shows and perhaps even a band of their own one day. With our professional recording studio, California Sound Studios is a complete solution for music development.

Electric Guitar

Whether you’re 5 or 55 years old, California Sound Studio will transform you from an average Joe to a seasoned expert that can play in front of friends, strangers and crowds of people.

Additional Information

Instrument: Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
Genre: Rock, Heavy Rock, Contemporary, Pop, Country, Blue Grass, Jazz, R&B

Banjo, Harmonica, & Trumpet Lessons

Recording Room

Additional Information

Instrument: Banjo, Hamonica, Trumpet
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
Genre: Rock, Heavy Rock, Contemporary, Pop, Country, Blue Grass, Jazz, R&B

Music Lessons


California Sound Studios offers music lessons in Orange County for children and adults of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We take great pride in delivering quality music education to our students and giving them the chance to feel like a true star in our professional recording studio. All lessons are taught by our highly qualified instructors who have graduated from either Music Conservator or Juilliard Performing Arts. All instructors also go through an extensive background check to ensure safety and peace of mind for our students.

Music Lessons Offered at California Sound Studios

At California Sound Studios, we offer the following types of music lessons in Orange County:

    • Guitar lessons. Our guitar lessons are available for kids and adults. Learn the fretboard, the six strings and the different parts of a guitar in our beginner lessons. As students progress, they will learn to play more complex songs in our recording studio.
    • Piano lessons. The piano is a great starter instrument, even for children as young as preschool. Our beginner lessons teach students basic scales and exercises. When students are more proficient, they will graduate to more advanced piano tunes.
    • Drum lessons. The drums appeal to all personalities, as there are many styles and techniques to learn. Beginning lessons cover proper grip, playing techniques and rudiments. There is no end to learning the drums. They are amazing instruments with a depth of possibilities.
    • Vocal lessons. Vocal lessons can be taken on their own or in addition to instrument lessons. Our instructors start with basic techniques, such as pitch training, improving timbre and keeping a steady tempo. Advanced students will have the opportunity to reach their highest potential and expand their repertoire.

Why Choose Us for Music Lessons Orange County

Music is a powerful thing. By having the right instructor, you can discover your unique abilities in the performing arts. If you have the wrong instructor, a passion for music or organized lessons can be lost. This is why it’s so important to work with an instructor who is not just qualified but also aligns with your personality.

Recording Studio

At California Sound Studios, we match instructors and students carefully. We want each student to be constructive at our studio, which is why we create tailored music lessons. As you progress in your skills, you can begin working toward your ultimate goal, such as playing in a band or in front of a live audience. With our comfortable recording studio, we have the tools and resources for our students to become true professionals.

To produce top talent, California Sound Studios has the most advanced equipment and software. Expect top quality audio and video production tools, sound isolation rooms and top brands in instruments. Those who dream to be on stage have to start their journey somewhere. Let that journey be with Copyright © 2022 California Sound Studios

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